Zulite Series

Low Silica Surfaces from Linnstone

Less than 40% Silica of Zulite Series
<40% Silica
R&D Since 2018 of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces
R&D Since 2018
Durability of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces
Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces is Certified
Sustainability of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces
Various Applications of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces
Various Applications
Why Zulite
Lighting Calacatta

Unleash Timeless Beauty

Experience the mesmerizing elegance of Lighting Calacatta. Elevate your interior design with its intricate veining and opulent hues. Explore today and leave a lasting impression!

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Stone Surfaces Colours in Linnstone's Calligraphy Collection
Calligraphy Collection

Unique from others

Each veining is intended to flow in a distinct and graceful manner.

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3530 * 2030 MM

Mega Size Slabs

With minimal seams and significantly higher yield rates, you can obtain quartz and Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces slabs measuring up to 3530 * 2030 MM. These Mega Size slabs are perfect for creating kitchen islands, wall paneling, or any other stone tops you desire.

About Mega Size Quartz
Size Up to 3530 * 2030 MM Quartz Slabs of 6033 Golden Punaluu
Get Inspired

Linnstone surfaces can be found here

Explore the Linnstone gallery for a visual showcase of how our quartz and Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces benchtops can transform the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom spaces.


Stunning Bookmatched Calacatta

Take your interior design to the next level by incorporating Mega Size quartz and Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces slabs in areas like kitchen islands, shower walls, or decorative walls. It's the perfect way to elevate the overall aesthetics and make a striking statement in your space.

Why Bookmatched?
Best Choice

Why Is Linnstone the Best Option for You?

  • Made with Natural Materials
  • Advanced Manufacturing Lines
  • Superior Quality & Easy Maintenance
  • Natural Beauty for Your Special Space
Why Linnstone
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You Can Rely on Our Warranty

Against manufacturing defects, a residential lifetime warranty and a commercial 10-year warranty are provided.


Appropriate for Every Area of Your Interior

Experience the stunning elegance of Linnstone quartz and Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces in every corner of your home, whether it's the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Embrace the beauty of these surfaces and elevate your interior decor to new heights.

Linnstone Stone Surfaces 6025 Gunnison and 6027 Seaford
Linnstone Australia Warehouse

Where to Buy

Find nearby fabricators or retailers of Linnstone's quartz and Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces benchtops.

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