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Linnstone Quartz 6038 Whitehaven(2)
June 21, 2022

The Perfect Quartz 6038 Whitehaven for Your Next Home or Office Design Project

Linnstone quartz 6038 Whitehaven is a beautiful Calacatta quartz that has a marble-like appearance. This quartz stone is perfect for any home or office design project. With its durability and stunning beauty, Linnstone quartz 6038 Whitehaven is the perfect choice for any project. Product Details A sandy-like streak longitudinal throughout the entire pure white surface, […]
June 21, 2022

Bring the Beauty of Nature into Your Home with Linnstone Golden Quartz 6033

Linnstone quartz of 6033 Golden Punaluu is a beautiful quartz with gold veining that is perfect for any kitchen or bathroom countertop. This quartz is also great for waterfall legs and backsplashes. With its unique color and patterns, Linnstone quartz of 6033 Golden Punaluu is sure to make a statement in any home. Product Details […]
Linnstone Quartz 6022 Punaluu (1)
June 19, 2022

Durability Meets Elegance: Linnstone Calacatta Quartz 6022 Punaluu

Linnstone quartz 6022 Punaluu is an ideal Calacatta stone for those who are looking to add a touch of luxury to their home. It has beautiful, deep gray and black veins that are perfect for accenting any room. It is also a very durable stone, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Linnstone quartz 6022 Punaluu […]
June 16, 2022

Linnstone Calacatta Quartz 6020 Vatna White: Beautiful White with Brown Veins

Linnstone Calacatta quartz 6020 Vatna White is a white with brown veins quartz that is perfect for any home or office. This quartz is one of the most popular choices for countertops, backsplashes, shower panels and flooring. Calacatta quartz 6020 Vatna White is durable, easy to clean and resists stains and scratches. It is the […]
Linnstone Quartz 6013 Misty Ville (2)
June 15, 2022

Introducing Linnstone Calacatta Quartz 6013 Misty Ville

Linnstone quartz 6013 Misty Ville is a veined quartz that has a white background with light grey veining. With its elegant veining and beautiful texture, Calacatta quartz 6013 Misty Ville is a stunning addition to any home or workspace. It's perfect for use in countertops, backsplashes, and other indoor surfaces. So if you're looking for […]
Linnstone Quartz 6001 Copaca (2)
June 14, 2022

6001 Copaca - Calacatta Quartz Countertops | Linnstone

Looking for white and brown quartz that is both stunningly beautiful and highly durable? Look no further than Linnstone quartz of 6001 Copaca. Our Calacatta quartz features elegant veining and subtle movement, giving it a sophisticated look that is perfect for any home or commercial space. With its superior resistance to wear and tear, this […]
Linnstone Quartz 5211 Stonehenge(2)
June 13, 2022

5211 Stonehenge: A New Standard for Quartz Counters

Linnstone quartz of 5211 Stonehenge is a type of grey quartz countertop that is perfect for hotel construction or residential projects because it is so durable and easy to clean. It also has a very sleek and modern look that will add a touch of luxury to any hotel room or your house. They also […]
Linnstone Quartz 3041 Volcano Gray(1)
June 12, 2022

Quartz 3041 Volcano Gray: Less Is More

Linnstone gray quartz 3041 Volcano Gray is a mixed grains quartz. This mono color quartz slab has been used in many commercial and residential projects because of its beauty and durability. If you are looking for a stone that is both beautiful and durable, then Linnstone gray quartz 3041 Volcano Gray is the perfect choice […]
Linnstone Quartz 3032 Rock Gray (
June 8, 2022

3032 Rock Gray: The Perfect Light Gray Quartz for Your Project

Linnstone light gray quartz 3032 Rock Gray is a mono-color quartz that has a mixed-grain structure. It is made up of high-quality natural quartz stone with resins and pigments. The result is a hardwearing surface that is resistant to scratches, staining, and heat. Linnstone light gray quartz is perfect for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and other […]
Linnstone Quartz 3003 Moreno White (1)
June 7, 2022

3003 Moreno White: The Perfect White Quartz with Mixed-Grain Pattern

Linnstone quartz 3003 Moreno White is a mixed-grain quartz that features a beautiful white color. This quartz is perfect for a variety of design projects, from countertops and backsplashes to floors and fireplaces. Linnstone quartz is durable and easy to care for, making it an ideal choice for busy households. Product Details Beautiful and magnificent, […]
Linnstone Quartz 1100 Merapi Gray (1)
June 6, 2022

Fine Grain and Beautiful Quartz Color: Linnstone's 1100 Merapi Gray

If you're looking for light gray quartz countertops with a fine grain, 1100 Merapi Gray from Linnstone is a great option. This stone has a light gray base with subtle find grain, giving it a refined look. The light gray color is perfect for those who want a light and airy kitchen. It is a […]
Linnstone Quartz 1010 Tahiti White (2)
June 2, 2022

Clean and Bright: Quartz 1010 Tahiti White for Your Home

Linnstone white quartz 1010 Tahiti White is an extremely popular type of quartz that has been used in a wide variety of applications. It is very versatile and can be used in everything from countertops to flooring. The main reason for its popularity is that it has a very clean color with a fine grain […]

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