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Linnstone Quartz Surfaces 6320 Atlantic White

6320 Atlantic White

Atlantic White softly narrates the expansive tales of the vast and mysterious Atlantic Forest. Its facade, a light canvas, reflects the wild purity of an expansive sky of clouds. Tracings of a fine grey and subtle black wander across the stone, similar to the gentle shadows of forest spirits weaving between trees. It captures the allure of the first light of dawn—illuminated and otherworldly. Every mark and curve is a quiet ode, mirroring the serene calm of nature's pristine havens.
Linnstone Quartz Surfaces 5134 Benue

5134 Benue

Like Benue, which is a component of the larger West and Central African Rift System, the veins of the Rift Valley run the full length of the land. In fault zones, tectonic plates are constantly shifting, merging at convergent plate boundaries, tearing apart at divergent plate boundaries, and subducting beneath one another.
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