If you are looking for quartz table tops then Linnstone quartz surfaces should be your first choice. Why? Because we have the best quality quartz to provide your table tops with the dreamy look that every homeowner wishes for. We have a wide collection of quartz table tops that will not leave you disappointed or unsatisfied. We are concerned with the style, pattern, and color of our products, and they have the highest durability you will ever see in the industry.

We know that table tops have high chances of getting stains and scratches. That is why we manufacture durable and easy to clean and maintain quartz table tops that will last much longer than other products.

Get Your Stunning Quartz Table Tops from Linnstone

At Linnstone, quartz table tops come with different tones, patterns, textures, and colors. All of our products are highly durable and ideal for the home decor. We always make sure that our products are customized for your home to meet your expectations, specifications, and needs.

Check out our recommended colors below:

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Quartz Table Tops 6022 Punaluu
6022 Punaluu
You will always be in love with the breathtaking quartz table tops of Punaluu. Featuring a snow-white base with silky graphite black veins, Punaluu adds timeless aesthetics to your living spaces. Click to discover more about featured color quartz 6022 Punaluu.
Quartz Desktops 6033 Golden Punaluu

Affordable Linnstone Quartz Table Tops

Linnstone quartz table tops are affordable and worth the quality of the material offered. We firmly believe that every homeowner should have the home design of their choice, and we provide affordable table tops to make sure that they do. Linnstone can strike the right balance between price and performance to provide the best quartz surfaces you need.

About Linnstone

Shop with Us for Your Brilliant Quartz Table Tops

Linnstone is an innovative as well as comprehensive company that manufactures high-quality quartz table tops. We manufacture the best quality slabs and table tops with a wide range of patterns, tones, and colors to satisfy the tastes, expectations, and needs of our clients.

Shop with us for your durable, stain-resistant, easy-to-maintain quartz table tops.

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Quartz 6073 Eiger Mist for Countertop

Get Your Premium Quartz Stone from Linnstone

There are so many reasons for the fame of Linnstone quartz surfaces.

Why Linnstone
1. Non-porous
Impenetrable by air, water, or other fluids for lasting quality.
2. Durable
Durability due to its high resistance to abrasion, heat, compression, and corrosion
3. Enduring Quality
High-quality natural quartz, offering our warranty assurance
4. Easy to Clean & Care
General surface stains can be removed with water and mild cleaning products
5. Hygienic
High resistance to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, remaining safe and clean
6. Stain Resistance
Stain resistance and perfect for quick clean-up and low maintenance
7. Scratch Resistance
Highly resistant to scratches and not susceptible to scrapes

Get Your Custom Quartz Edges

Linnstone quartz surfaces can be made to suit our buyers in different shapes. The top edges can be optimized according to your needs. See your fabricator for the specific edges.

In addition to regular jumbo-size slabs, we will provide mega sizes which will guarantee that you won’t have to deal with many seams in your kitchen.

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Quartz Bevel Edge
Quartz Laminated Bevel Edge
Laminated Bevel
Quartz Bullnose Edge
Quartz Laminated Bullnose Edge
Laminiated Bullnose
Quartz Ogee Edge
Quartz Laminated Ogee Edge
 Laminated Ogee
Quartz Eased Edge
Quartz Laminated Eased Edge
Laminated Eased
Quartz Mitered Eased Edge
Mitered Eased
Quartz Half Bullnose Edge
 Half Bullnose
Quartz Laminated Half Bullnose Edge
Laminated Half Bullnose
Quartz Triple Bullnose Edge
Triple Bullnose
Size of Linnstone Quartz Surfaces
Size: 127 * 64" (3230 * 1630 mm), 139 * 80" (3530 * 2030 mm)
Thickness of Linnstone Quartz Surfaces
Thickness: 3/4" (20 mm), 1 1/4" (30 mm)
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