Infinity Beauty of Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz

Linnstone is proud to offer the distinctiveness of bookmatched Calacatta quartz slabs to our customers. Calacatta quartz is usually of a lighter color, white or pale and its veining is marble-like. It is ideal for a person seeking the elegance of marble but not the upkeep.

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Linnstone Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz Page(900x324)

What Is Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz?

There is the bookmatched Calacatta quartz that involves cutting the Calacatta quartz to create the bookmatched effect. In this mirroring effect, the quartz slab is in half and one piece is just flipped over and attached to the other. This creates a surface that appears like a thick book that is open and then folded closed so that the two pages fit naturally. Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz features a kind pattern that can add sophistication to any given space.

In terms of countertops or flooring, this bookmatched effect can create an optical illusion of a large and open space in a room. Another common application of Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz is the accent walls, where its uniqueness can be appreciated fully.

Vertical Bookmatching
Linnstone Mega Size Quartz Page(518x450)Bookmatched Calacatta quartz vertical B (518x450)
Horizontal Bookmatching
Linnstone Mega Size Quartz Page(900x259)bookmatched calacatta quartz horizontal B (900x260)
Linnstone Mega Size Quartz Page(900x660)

Why Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz is the ideal marble substitute?

Marble as a natural stone has been cherished for centuries because of its natural elegant look and durability. Nevertheless, this well-liked material has its pitfalls. It is costly, cumbersome, and vulnerable to damage. Consequently, numerous homeowners are now considering Calacatta quartz as an alternative to marble. This is unlike marble that is also difficult to stain, but very durable. It can also form a remarkable bookmatched pattern, which can be involving. The maintenance of Calacatta quartz is also more convenient compared to marble. It does not need sealing and is less prone to scratching and etching. Calacatta quartz is therefore the perfect marble alternative because of these reasons.

Linnstone Calacatta quartz is available in various colors and patterns, so it is not hard to find something that will work with the design of one’s house.

The Beauty of Bookmatched Quartz Slabs

Linnstone Calacatta quartz for bookmatched effect is the perfect selection when you are in need of the beauty of Calacatta but with no maintenance looking for a substitute for marble.

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Quartz 6033 Golden Punaluu: The veining is softly gold on a background of white in this bookmatched quartz slab that we cannot help but associate with the best the Calacatta marble has to offer. Calacatta quartz, on the other hand, is not porous and stain resistant compared to marble, which makes it low-maintenance. Moreover, it can withstand high levels of traffic implying that it does not get damaged quite easily.

6033 Golden Punaluu(520x280)6033 Golden Punaluu(900x480)

Quartz 6067 Himalaya:With its white surface and jagged peaks, quartz 6067 Himalaya truly depicts the beauty of a snowed landscape. The veining pattern is characterized by a dramatic contrast made by glistening black rocks against the background of white snow. This beautiful glacial river helps add motion when incorporated into the design, combined with the bookmatched effect will give it an aesthetic that connotes a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication.

6067 Himalaya(520x280)6067 Himalaya(900x480)All Colors
Linnstone Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz Page(900x591)

How to get the perfect Bookmatched Quartz countertop?

Find a store near you – click the “Where to Buy” button below or contact us for more details about bookmatched quartz slabs. Visit our website to see the ultimate process that gives us a mirror-like effect, which is ideal for your next project. Our bookmatched quartz slabs will give your home a luxurious touch when used as countertop, floor or any other surface. Order now and feel the difference today!

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Quartz 6073 Eiger Mist for Countertop

Get Your Premium Quartz Stone from Linnstone

There are so many reasons for the fame of Linnstone quartz surfaces.

Why Linnstone
1. Non-porous
Impenetrable by air, water, or other fluids for lasting quality.
2. Durable
Durability due to its high resistance to abrasion, heat, compression, and corrosion
3. Enduring Quality
High-quality natural quartz, offering our warranty assurance
4. Easy to Clean & Care
General surface stains can be removed with water and mild cleaning products
5. Hygienic
High resistance to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, remaining safe and clean
6. Stain Resistance
Stain resistance and perfect for quick clean-up and low maintenance
7. Scratch Resistance
Highly resistant to scratches and not susceptible to scrapes

Get Your Custom Quartz Edges

Linnstone quartz surfaces can be made to suit our buyers in different shapes. The top edges can be optimized according to your needs. See your fabricator for the specific edges.

In addition to regular jumbo-size slabs, we will provide mega sizes which will guarantee that you won’t have to deal with many seams in your kitchen.

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Quartz Bevel Edge
Quartz Laminated Bevel Edge
Laminated Bevel
Quartz Bullnose Edge
Quartz Laminated Bullnose Edge
Laminiated Bullnose
Quartz Ogee Edge
Quartz Laminated Ogee Edge
 Laminated Ogee
Quartz Eased Edge
Quartz Laminated Eased Edge
Laminated Eased
Quartz Mitered Eased Edge
Mitered Eased
Quartz Half Bullnose Edge
 Half Bullnose
Quartz Laminated Half Bullnose Edge
Laminated Half Bullnose
Quartz Triple Bullnose Edge
Triple Bullnose
Size of Linnstone Quartz Surfaces
Size: 127 * 64" (3230 * 1630 mm), 139 * 80" (3530 * 2030 mm)
Thickness of Linnstone Quartz Surfaces
Thickness: 3/4" (20 mm), 1 1/4" (30 mm)
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