Category: Quartz Pattern

6019 Vatna Sunset

Warm golden tones appear to reflect the setting sun, with golden veins resembling Vatna Sunset. The gray veins of the Vatna sunset meet the golden veins, and it winds through the rocks on both sides of the valley, carrying them far downstream and forming cirques, moraines, and fjords like a glacier advancing in the sun's rays.

1073 Kamari

Accentuated by a soft black hue, Kamari is the perfect surface for making a bold statement. It brings to mind Kamari Beach in Greece. The 3 km long Kamari beach bears the scars of the volcanic eruptions, which also covered the beach in interesting formations of jagged lava rocks and black pebbles, imbuing the surfaces with a wild, untamed, and unrestrained personality.

5026 Daintree Gray

Extract, integrate, and create 180 million years of natural beauty to present on the surfaces. Tune every sense, breathe, touch, hear, and feel Dantree Gray's connection to ancient energy. Wisps of light fall into the surrounding jungle, casting dappled shadows on the surfaces. The exquisite staggered merging of floating white light and gray shadow, bizarre, is an allure and appeal.

5167 Sahara Ridge

Powerful and imposing, a sea of golden waves veins that appear to have no beginning and no end, stretching across all Sahara Ridge surface. Undulating crests and valleys merging and changing shape, shimmer in Sahara wilderness. Its beauty is the only thing that rivals its size, keeping your eyes constantly occupied.

5107 Vinson Crest

At the end of the world of the Antarctic, the sculptural sweep of snow and ice surface is interrupted by majestic Vinson Crest. A winding frozen black ridge vein stretches miles from the peak to the open area, meeting the sky along a noticeably curved horizon. A paradise of clean lines—austere, vast, unfussy deserves to savor.

6013 Misty Ville

The white mist flows slowly with ville gleamingly, walking in fog as in a dream. It is not a mirage but better than a mirage. Mist Ville adopts hazy lines to wriggle up to the end of the milky white surface, reflecting quieter and graceful to its design. Looking through the mist of morning light, the trees and grasses of ville enjoy the unique charm.

5015 Byron White

Charcoal grey veins hit the milky surface as waves chase and race against each other, creating a flow of nature. Cascading Byron White animates such design to add a sense of movement and mystery.

7119 Ash Gray

Ash Gray is infused with glass-like particles on dark gray background, giving a striking quiet and decent emotion. Different from black, Ash Gray is between white and black, creating a comfortable and exquisite experience.

7045 Shell White

As shiny as a shell, Shell White is a large particle that rests serenely on creamy white background. Imagine lying on the soft sand, shells are bright and shinning to offer infinite charm. That's the result of thousands of baptisms and finally dancing under the sunshine.

7027 Crystal White

It is said that when the Ancient Romans first obtained crystals in the Alps, they were very surprised since they thought crystal was evolved by ice. Crystal White has a creamy white background with a pure crystal spot floating throughout the surface. It's like dew condensation on the tip of the leaf in the morning fulling of mysterious and noble.

7009 Sandy White

Fresh and clean, Sandy White presents a large grainy milky sand that comforts restless hearts. Warm sand under the sunshine stretching far away and lying glittering allures touching and playing. Like milk flowing on the feet, Sandy White creates a whiff of mildness.

6576 Canal White

The rolling movement veins of Canal White are as busy as the Panama Canal. Known as one of the world's seven engineering wonders of "World Bridge", the Panama Canal connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean is lively work on its duty. Waves that oscillate from time to time on Canal White witness the busyness and attractiveness.

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