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Linnstone Surfaces 6024 Teton Gold-Partial

6024 Teton Gold

Teton Gold, inspired by the awe-inspiring Teton Range, embodies the essence of nature's artistry. This stunning surface, featuring a pristine white background interlaced with delicate gold and gray veins, reflects the beauty of snow-capped peaks bathed in the golden hues of a sunset. The veins, reminiscent of the rugged yet graceful rock formations of the […]
Linnstone Surfaces 5121 Tucson Lightning-Partial

5121 Tucson Lightning

Tucson Lightning captures the dramatic essence of Arizona's stormy nights. This striking surface, with its deep black background interlaced with vivid white veins, reflects the raw power and beauty of lightning illuminating the dark sky. The veins, like flashes of lightning, streak across the stone, adding electrifying elegance and bold character to any space. Each […]
Linnstone Quartz Surfaces 6320 Atlantic White

6320 Atlantic White

Atlantic White softly narrates the expansive tales of the vast and mysterious Atlantic Forest. Its facade, a light canvas, reflects the wild purity of an expansive sky of clouds. Tracings of a fine grey and subtle black wander across the stone, similar to the gentle shadows of forest spirits weaving between trees. It captures the allure of the first light of dawn—illuminated and otherworldly. Every mark and curve is a quiet ode, mirroring the serene calm of nature's pristine havens.
Linnstone Quartz Surfaces 5134 Benue

5134 Benue

Like Benue, which is a component of the larger West and Central African Rift System, the veins of the Rift Valley run the full length of the land. In fault zones, tectonic plates are constantly shifting, merging at convergent plate boundaries, tearing apart at divergent plate boundaries, and subducting beneath one another.
Linnstone Quartz 5059 Arizaro-Partial

5059 Arizaro

Arizaro's quartz surface is reminiscent of a white salt flat. Walking through it allows you to feel the purity of the ground beneath your feet. The grey veins on the white base give it a silvery sheen. The grey conical forms studded against the white horizon stood motionless, like silent sentinels, carefully guarding the land.
Linnstone Quartz 5053 Barringer-Leathered-Partial

5053 Barringer

You'll understand why there's something about Barringer that just makes your pulse race if you've ever seen them in person. Perhaps the leather finish and concrete grey tones have captured the untamed, unrefined splendor of nature.Unique to them are the grey crater-like patterns found all over their surfaces.
Linnstone Quartz 6019 Vatna Sunset-Partial-20221018(1)

6019 Vatna Sunset

Warm golden tones appear to reflect the setting sun, with golden veins resembling Vatna Sunset. The gray veins of the Vatna Sunset meet the golden veins, and it winds through the rocks on both sides of the valley, carrying them far downstream and forming cirques, moraines, and fjords like a glacier advancing in the sun's rays.
Linnstone Quartz 5026 Daintree Gray-Partial-20221018(1)

5026 Daintree Gray

Extract, integrate, and create 180 million years of natural beauty to present on the surfaces. Tune every sense, breathe, touch, hear, and feel Dantree Gray's connection to ancient energy. Wisps of light fall into the surrounding jungle, casting dappled shadows on the surfaces. The exquisite staggered merging of floating white light and gray shadow, bizarre, is an allure and appeal.
Quartz 5167 Sahara Ridge-partial

5167 Sahara Ridge

Powerful and imposing, a sea of golden waves veins that appear to have no beginning and no end, stretching across all Sahara Ridge surface. Undulating crests and valleys merging and changing shape, shimmer in Sahara wilderness. Its beauty is the only thing that rivals its size, keeping your eyes constantly occupied.
Quartz 5107 Vinson Crest-partial

5107 Vinson Crest

At the end of the world of the Antarctic, the sculptural sweep of snow and ice surface is interrupted by majestic Vinson Crest. A winding frozen black ridge vein stretches miles from the peak to the open area, meeting the sky along a noticeably curved horizon. A paradise of clean lines—austere, vast, unfussy deserves to savor.
Quartz 6013 Misty Ville-slab 2022

6013 Misty Ville

The white mist flows slowly with ville gleamingly, walking in fog as in a dream. It is not a mirage but better than a mirage. Mist Ville adopts hazy lines to wriggle up to the end of the milky white surface, reflecting quieter and graceful to its design. Looking through the mist of morning light, the trees and grasses of ville enjoy the unique charm.
Quartz 5015 Byron White

5015 Byron White

Charcoal grey veins hit the milky surface as waves chase and race against each other, creating a flow of nature. Cascading Byron White animates such design to add a sense of movement and mystery.
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