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Linnstone Quartz Surfaces 5134 Benue

5134 Benue

Like Benue, which is a component of the larger West and Central African Rift System, the veins of the Rift Valley run the full length of the land. In fault zones, tectonic plates are constantly shifting, merging at convergent plate boundaries, tearing apart at divergent plate boundaries, and subducting beneath one another.
Linnstone Quartz 6019 Vatna Sunset-Partial-20221018(1)

6019 Vatna Sunset

Warm golden tones appear to reflect the setting sun, with golden veins resembling Vatna Sunset. The gray veins of the Vatna Sunset meet the golden veins, and it winds through the rocks on both sides of the valley, carrying them far downstream and forming cirques, moraines, and fjords like a glacier advancing in the sun's rays.
Quartz 5167 Sahara Ridge-partial

5167 Sahara Ridge

Powerful and imposing, a sea of golden waves veins that appear to have no beginning and no end, stretching across all Sahara Ridge surface. Undulating crests and valleys merging and changing shape, shimmer in Sahara wilderness. Its beauty is the only thing that rivals its size, keeping your eyes constantly occupied.
Quartz 5107 Vinson Crest-partial

5107 Vinson Crest

At the end of the world of the Antarctic, the sculptural sweep of snow and ice surface is interrupted by majestic Vinson Crest. A winding frozen black ridge vein stretches miles from the peak to the open area, meeting the sky along a noticeably curved horizon. A paradise of clean lines—austere, vast, unfussy deserves to savor.
Quartz 6013 Misty Ville-slab 2022

6013 Misty Ville

The white mist flows slowly with ville gleamingly, walking in fog as in a dream. It is not a mirage but better than a mirage. Mist Ville adopts hazy lines to wriggle up to the end of the milky white surface, reflecting quieter and graceful to its design. Looking through the mist of morning light, the trees and grasses of ville enjoy the unique charm.
Quartz 5015 Byron White

5015 Byron White

Charcoal grey veins hit the milky surface as waves chase and race against each other, creating a flow of nature. Cascading Byron White animates such design to add a sense of movement and mystery.
Quartz 6085 Calacatta Glacier

6085 Calacatta Glacier

Calacatta Glacier is a cool inspiration with fish-scale stripes piercing through the whole surface. This standing-out design derives from nature that the geological movement and the erosion of ablation water have created the shape of fish scales on a glacier, which is called the gravity flow.
Quartz 6082 Calacatta Cloud

6082 Calacatta Cloud

Graceful and natural, Calacatta Cloud features gray long lines on cream-white base like petals shinning down by a fairy after tearing a white veil to bring people a beautiful vision. Rising and falling, rolling and unraveling, the clouds just moves with the wind, misty and scattered.
Quartz 6077 Calacatta Andes

6077 Calacatta Andes

Someone says that the color closest to nature is qualified to be called Calacatta. It combines natural purest Andes snow white with bright grayish veins stretching over the surface. Generally believed to be originated from the Quechua word anti, which means "East", Calacatta Andes is the dawn light breaking in the east and extending to its quartz surface.
Quartz 6073 Eiger Mist

6073 Eiger Mist

Thin mist surrounds the Eiger mountains related to roaming in a wonderland. The Eiger loom through the mist, partly hidden and partly visible like a fairyland or a fantasy lingering in dreams. Eiger Mist is a quiet white surface sketched by light gray with a brown edge sinuate veins radiate in all directions.
Quartz 6067 Himalaya

6067 Himalaya

The vast expanse of the white, snow-covered surface features jagged peaks that go up and down, glistening black rocks dotted with white snow. Stunning glacial rivers sometimes converging and sometimes dispersing create folds and fissures that extend over the whole snow land.
Quartz 6033 Golden Punaluu

6033 Golden Punaluu

 A stunning delicate quartz surface characterized by waves of a white base with golden veins spanning across the whole slab. Glittering under the sunshine, the golden surface with fish-scales seawater lines highlights its elegance and grandeur.
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