Category: Fine-grained Quartz

Linnstone Quartz 1073 Kamari-Partial-20221206

1073 Kamari

Accentuated by a soft black hue, Kamari is the perfect surface for making a bold statement. It brings to mind Kamari Beach in Greece. The 3 km long Kamari beach bears the scars of the volcanic eruptions, which also covered the beach in interesting formations of jagged lava rocks and black pebbles, imbuing the surfaces with a wild, untamed, and unrestrained personality.
Linnstone Quartz 1100 Merapi Gray-Partial-202210

1100 Merapi Gray

Merapi Gray quartz surfaces have an ash gray tone. They call to mind scenes of falling volcanic ash on the splendor of a gray world the moment fiery magma breaks through thousands of years of ice and snow, the soaring lava lighting up the pitch-dark night sky.
Linnstone Quartz 1010 Tahiti White-Partial-202210

1010 Tahiti White

As innocent as white, Tahiti is a place close to heaven. Perhaps there is nothing holier than white, nothing purer than white, and nothing more real than white. The place where dreams begin can only be felt with the heart. Tahiti White, a pure white surface, is a color away from the hustle and bustle. All you need to do is be still and witness.
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