Category: Mixed-grain Quartz

Linnstone Quartz 7119 Ash Gray-Partial-202210

7119 Ash Gray

Ash Gray is infused with glass-like particles on dark gray background, giving a striking quiet and decent emotion. Different from black, Ash Gray is between white and black, creating a comfortable and exquisite experience.
Linnstone Quartz-7045 Shell White-Partial

7045 Shell White

As shiny as a shell, Shell White is a large particle that rests serenely on creamy white background. Imagine lying on the soft sand, shells are bright and shinning to offer infinite charm. That's the result of thousands of baptisms and finally dancing under the sunshine.
Linnstone Quartz 7027 Crystal White-Partial

7027 Crystal White

It is said that when the Ancient Romans first obtained crystals in the Alps, they were very surprised since they thought crystal was evolved by ice. Crystal White has a creamy white background with a pure crystal spot floating throughout the surface. It's like dew condensation on the tip of the leaf in the morning fulling of mysterious and noble.
Linnstone Quartz 7009 Sandy White-Partial-202210

7009 Sandy White

Fresh and clean, Sandy White presents a large grainy milky sand that comforts restless hearts. Warm sand under the sunshine stretching far away and lying glittering allures touching and playing. Like milk flowing on the feet, Sandy White creates a whiff of mildness.
Linnstone Quartz 3041 Volcano Gray-Partial-202210

3041 Volcano Gray

The inspiration brings to mind the images of volcano ash formed by the breakdown of solid rock and molten liquid into fine particles during explosive volcanic activity. Dark gray intersperses with particulate matters across the whole surface, unrestrained but stable.
Linnstone Quartz 3032 Rock Gray-Partial-202210

3032 Rock Gray

Rock Gray is a harmonious and elegant hue giving the most abundant and widest space in the background. Fuse with cold and elegant, warm and soft under the blooming of Rock Gray, it plays the most graceful symphony. It is not merely introverted and rich in texture, but also personable in appearance, showing a unique temperament.
Linnstone Quartz 3003 Moreno White-Partial-202210

3003 Moreno White

Beautiful and magnificent, Moreno White is as crystal clear as a glacier. Fine particles of the quartz surface on a glacier-white background reminiscent of snowflakes. Under the action of heat or pressure, it turns into globular snow, called firn. Firn, the base form of glaciers, is tiny and soft.
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