Linnstone Ready for the KBIS 2022

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February 8, 2022



Check our stone products highlight from the 2022 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)! Linnstone is ready for the grand show. KBIS 2022 is officially held here and will last from today to February 10th. We are very happy to meet you in Orlando, Florida and we will be here for the next couple of days. Be sure to stop by booth S4838 with our innovative stone products and share the latest trends in the stone industry. Explore the floor plan to find our booth S4838 easily. Register today by clicking the link here. Use promo code EXIV817233 for a free KBIS Expo Pass. We can’t wait to see you there!

Find Linnstone Booth S4838 at KBIS 2022 Floor Plan
Find Linnstone Booth S4838 at KBIS 2022 Floor Plan

At this exhibition, we bring elegant Calligraphy Calacatta quartz collections such as 6022 Punaluu6077 Calacatta Andes6073 Eiger Mist, and hot-selling high-quality products such as 6020 Vatna White6085 Calacatta Glacier6317 Mt Blanc. At the same time, we offer SUPER MEGA sizes that allow you to maximize every inch of space and create impressive results with fewer seam lines and higher yields. You can't miss this opportunity. Click to know more about our activities at KBIS.

Frontal View of Linnstone Booth
Frontal View of Linnstone Booth
Side View of Linnstone Booth
Side View of Linnstone Booth
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